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Thank you Derek, you have right. I will use the table. I didn't think clear yesterday...


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Can you be a little more specific?

I like to try some than the following script, which by the way is wrong, but I do not know how to write it

if SQLEXECUTE('select id, name, lastname from test where digit like '+Form1.edit1.text+ then form1.edit2.text := lastname);

[if the name is like the edit1 box then in the edit2 box it will get the lastname]

Thank you


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Pressing the Search button, it should show, according the given name in the name box, the last name in the lastname box. Example when the name is will tha last name must be Smith. See the attached example. thank you.


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With the help of a translating software you can now download the Help Manual of MyVisualDataBase in the Greek language. I am sure there are some Greek people also here. Maybe you will find some syntax or translate errors, You can download it form http://e.pc.cd/T58y6alK


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Well I will try to understand all those math types.  Thanks for your time helping me.


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do I ask more if I like to get also the moon phases ?? (Age of moon day and the phase of it ?) It is similar the sunset and sunrise but can not understand all the maths . Thank you in advance.


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Thank you all


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I would like to include some script from my old softwares in mvdb. Some script like calculation of sunset and sunrise which needs some types from libraries.


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Any help is welcome!!!!


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Hi to all,
hope you are all fine. I have a question. How can I input in my software Pascal Libraries like the following ?

  SysUtils, DateUtils, Math;


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Hi, if you mean from the print preview using fastReport use the following script::  Form1.frxReport.PreviewOptions.Buttons := pbnoclose;  // hide all buttons    and      Form1.frxReport.PreviewOptions.Buttons := pbPrint+pbLoad+pbSave+pbExport+pbZoom+pbFind+pbOutline+pbPageSetup+pbTools+pbEdit+pbNavigator+pbExportQuick+pbNoClose+pbNoFullScreen+pbNoEmail; // to get all functions back


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Hi, I had almost the same question and Derek was the one who gave the solution with hes script. Perhaps this will help you also. You don't need to choose from the combobox but check from the second tablegrid the countries you want and press the Selected button.


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Thank you Derek. To understand it can you please explain what the followin line means  if form1.tablegrid1.cell[0,vi].asboolean = true  (asboolean) and also the form1.tablegrid1.cell[1,vi].asstring (asstring). Thank you in advance. Yo know if you do not ask then you will never learn.


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From the table I would like all the names that are selected from the checkbox to be transferred to the memobox when pressing the button


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I understood Derek....Thank you again!!!!


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Yes Derek!!!!!! The new question is (you see the questions are coming always too late when I have send the message) . When in the excel file is a part number that doesn't exist in the tablegrid can it show as a warning to add it in the database ????


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Something I just saw. If the same code exists twice in the excel file, it only gets one. Is there a solution if the code is there more than once?


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Thank you Derek.


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Sorry for the delay. What I want is to type the code and from the quantity it has (qty) add and subtract quantity, as it is in a warehouse, when you sell you subtract and when you receive a new additional code quantity. And what I'm asking with the excel file is like a receipt with many codes that need to be added to the inventory,automatically (importing the excel file instead typing one by one all the codes with the qty's), where the code is in the database to add the quantity (qty). With the same reasoning and when a sale is made, the corresponding quantity should be removed from the database. So I'm asking for something like a small warehouse works. Sorry for my English!!! Its google translated


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Any help please!!!!!


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Good evening, I have a small program (not complete) in which I want to add and remove one by one or many codes of their quantities from the database. But I can also add and remove quantity  from codesof the database using excel files. Can someone help me??


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Check this out


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Where's the attached picture ?