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is there an option to change the default browser TWebBrowser


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can we browse url  inside a form in mvd
ex : i have an url to html  page and i want to browse it inside the mvd


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give us more details so we can help


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here is it

you forgot the


check again
('select * ..............' )


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Please check the included variables of your button that send to the database. it will be fixed or link the text field with the database


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procedure cmbRelationship_Onchange (Sender: TObject; Action: string);


   form1.edit1.text := form1.cmbRelationship.text


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how i can set a public variable
for example x := application.User.Username;

and i request the x at any time i want


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I want a method to release an auto suggestion when i write in it


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derek wrote:

Attached is an example of searching for records between 2 dates.
Also see the screenshot in the attachment (the filter for form1.datetimepicker1 is set to >=, the filter for form1.datetimepicker2 is set to <=)..

for Derek as  solution
print "thanks" ++
    return i appreciate ; 


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what do you want to use exactly?


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ex please


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Search result between to dates
i mean i need a technique to search results between 2 dates
example all queries between 01/01/2021 tilm 01/02/2021


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derek wrote:

Hi Agusecc,
I would usually suggest using the 'linkfile' option to keep the size of your database manageable, but looking at the images in your example, they appear to be very small so I don't think this would be an issue.
In that case, if you save your images as 'storefile' rather than 'linkfile', it makes your task a lot easier.  This is because 'storefile' images can be placed directly onto the table grid and placed directly into reports;  no script is required. 
The only downside is that you need to make the row height in your tablegrid larger so the images are viewable (see first option in the attachment)..
An alternative to that would be to display each image separately when a specific row is selected in the tablegrid (see second option in the attachment);  this requires a small script.

can you apply it on the image uploaded via HTML form using mysql

second example

here is a very easy way


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easy explain :
the image stored from the HTML form and PHP in the database
can not be viewed through MVD DBIMAGE
maybe because of the type of encryption because i encrypted it as base64?


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here is the problem :
i have a PHP Html MySQL web form
the form used to upload images as a blob
everything working correctly
but when i load the image in MVD it does not show anything 
i don't know wish encryption should i save it to be loaded from the mvd


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image stored as bin


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it works
is there any way to be executed automaticlmy


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i have a web form
i connected the mvd via MySQL and create a table user with a field avatar
the mvd create two fields field1 and dield1_filename
how i use the form html to upload the same data via PHP


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i have programmed MVD with MySQL connection and web interface
i want to know how can the table grid autoload from the database when someone adds a new entry to the web interface